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Am I good enough

So I have been considering writing a blog for several years now and even started writing a few times and never followed through. Part of this process for me has been about growing, becoming more comfortable with discomfort and most importantly accepting and exposing my vulnerability. Often clients think that therapists have it all figured out. The truth is we are also building on ourselves and learning. For a long time I suffered from imposter syndrome. I questioned my understanding of the years of training I have done. The value of over a decade in practice. Most significantly though I have questioned my ability to help my clients find meaning and provide value to their lives. This work is my passion and my love and it is so important to me to help my clients assess and achieve their goals. Am I able to do it, am I good enough, am I giving people value for their money. These are questions that I often have struggled with over the years and even now from time to time. I have come to accept and understand that I am growing and developing my skills, confidence, and ability every hour I sit in the chair. I have come to accept that my love for my work and joy in my clients success big or small make me good at what I do. Working some of these things out with my own therapist over time have been invaluable. Have you felt like you weren't good enough before? Spending time with a therapist is a major step in working through these feelings. You have to learn where they came from and what skills you can use to overcome them. Talk to a therapist to help you learn more about yourself.

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