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Say YES to saying NO

A few months ago I was offered an opportunity that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I was offered the chance to teach a course at a university. I am a faculty advisor and guest lecture often but have always wanted to teach a full course. I was flattered by the request as I hadn't applied for the role nor had I been seeking it out. My initial reaction was to jump at the opportunity and say YES! I spoke to my circle of people about it and got mixed replies. Some said go for it, others said do a pros and cons list and a few said no. I was conflicted to say the least until I sat down and refocused on my goals. My plan for this year was to leave the job that I had worked at for the past decade. I was leaving a team that I loved and a job that I felt was made for me so that I could focus on my passion. My passion and dream has always been to build my private practice and work for myself. To work with people whom I chose and who chose me to walk towards their goals in life. How could I do this and at the same time start a new venture in academia with 40 or 50 students? I would be doing both them and myself a disservice. My schedule made things a little bit difficult to manage both so I did have the help of that in making my decision. I said NO so that I had the opportunity to say YES to the things that are important to me and will help me achieve my goals. If I am to teach the opportunity will present itself again in the near future. Hopefully when the opportunity arises again I will be in a place where I can accept it and excel at it.

Learn to say YES to saying NO!

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